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PhotoFiltre V6

History of PhotoFiltre

Version 11.0.0 (since march 2021)

- Version 64-bit and Unicode developed with the core PhotoFiltre Studio X

Version 10.14.2 (december 2023)

- Display bugs fixed in 4K (High DPI)
- Addition of a test when saving in PFI format (corrupted files)

Version 10.14.1 (july 2020)

- Bug fixed in font size under XP/DPI > 96
- Bug fixed in manual settings of the selection (selection hidden)
- Bug fixed in tool Line (line with)
- Bug fixed in Text module (rotate parameter)
- Add 1 Gb of memory under 64-bits system (patch 4Gb of ntcore)

Version 10.14.0 (jun 2019)

- Replace the tab "Vista +" with "Stylize" (in Preferences)
- Addition of a scaling factor for high resolution screen (High-DPI support)
- The interface display uses skin (XP, Vista, Shadows...)
- the icons are resized according to the size of the buttons

Version 10.13.1 (december 2018)

- Bug fixed in the filter Custom
- Bug fixed in the function Manual settings (selection)
- Bug fixed after validate a layer transformation without change
- Bug fixed in the Outer shadow (link betwwen radius and margin width)

Version 10.13.0 (jun 2018)

- Grid size up to 300 per unit
- Reverse zoom with mouse wheel for Windows 10 compatibility (zoom with fingers)
- The precise mode of the clone stamp use a square shape
- Improvement of the filter Outer drop Shadow (Blur radius option)
- Display bug fixed (scrolling when have layer with shadow)

Version 10.12.1 (mai 2017)

- Bug fixed with "Windows Classic" theme

Version 10.12.0 (marsh 2017)

- Simplified skin for Windows 10 (tablet mode) and buttons size setting
  (menu Tools > Preferences > Vista +)
- Bugs fixed

Version 10.11.0 (september 2016)

- Increasing the max size of brushes and lines
 . Basic Brushes (radius up to 800)
 . Retouching tools (radius up to 200)
 . Line tool (width up to 200)
- Increasing the size of the status bar pannels for high resolution screen
- Added Alpha channel contraction mode for filters "More blur" and "Gaussian blur" (RGBA)
- Bug fixed with PNG XML comments (ignored because too long)

Version 10.10.1 (november 2015)

- Bugs fixed in some stylize filters

Version 10.10.0 (october 2015)

- New merge modes
- New selection ratio (auto screen ratio)
- New sharpen filter Micro contrast
- New filter High Pass
- Improvement of the filter More relief (direction)
- Improvement of the filter Radial mask (mode maximum)
- New option Apply to Alpha channel for the filters Gaussian blur and Blur more
- Top filter toolbar size is linked with screen size
- Improvement of progressive contours, gaussian blur (faster) and shadows

Version 10.9.2 (february 2015)

- Bug fixing when expand/contract a bitmap selection

Version 10.9.1 (january 2015)

- Bug fixing in the border effect Progressive contour
- Bug fixing in the filter Gaussian blur
- Improvement of the display with the non antialiased mode
- Accept more errors without closing in the batch module (1000)
- Bug fixing in the popup menu of the layer tool

Version 10.9.0 (november 2014)

- Improvement of the module White Balance
- Improvement of the vectorial path (line style + 3D)
- The menu 'Resize layer' is moved outside the menu Transformation (for Text layer)
- New option 'All images' by defaut in opening preferences
- Uses the screen DPI as defaut DPI for new images
- New 3D style for the Line tool
- New button Reset in the free transform layer function
- New button Reset in the free Transform of the vectorial Path
- Bugs fixing

Version 10.8.1 (january 2014)

- Display the name of the curves in the title (Curves modules)
- Show the true size cursor with the tool line
- Improvement of the module PhotoMask : Bichrom option is enabled in RGBA
- The scroll bar is auto in the tool palette (when resizing window)
- The filter Fog works in RGBA mode (Alpha chanel too)
- New command line parameter "-hklm" for network install
- Improvment of the print copy number (Print module)
- CTRL+V is activated in the number edit zone

Version 10.8.0 (july 2013)

- New adjust module Shadows / Highlights
- The antialias mode of the selection is not stored in the ini file
- Bug fixed in the menu Selection > Set shape
- Bug fixed in the module Curve deformation
- Bug fixed in the module PhotoMask (full black and white)
- Improvement of the speed of some filters :
  . Gaussian blur
  . More blur
  . Minimum
  . Maximum
  . Some artistic filters related

Version 10.7.3 (december 2012)

- 2 bugs fixed on the filters Saturation and Contrast (RGB balance)
- Bug fixed on the filter White Balance

Version 10.7.2 (november 2012)

- New buttons on the toolbar (Save as, Vectorial path)
- The display of the image browser is saved in the ini file
- New option Automatic in the image browser tool
  (to explore automatically when opening an image)
- New option Diffuse in the Clone Stamp tool
- New option Radius for the drop shadow (layer and text)
- Grouping the adjust filters Hue and Saturation (better for use)

Version 10.7.1 (october 2012)

- Restoration of the old mode for distortion filters (with background color)
- The filters Blur, Blur more and Gaussian blur change Alpha channel only if the option
  'Draw on Alpha transparency' is enabled in preferences

Version 10.7.0 (september 2012)

- New adjustment filter Curves (with vectorial path)
- New adjustment filter White Balance
- New deformation function Curve (with vectorial path)
- New Greyscal filter (several proposed modes)
- Some deformation filters are duplicated to the menu Image and Layer
- Deformation filters in the Filter menu run in transparency mode
- Improvement of the adjustment filter Levels (midtones)
- Improvement of the filter Histogram (real time)
- New Data folder for curves
- Fixed bugs in the vectorial path
- Some adjustment filters are moved to the menu Filter
  (Hue variation, Invert RGB, Posterize, Dithering)
- New sub menu Options in the menu Selection (to simplify)
- The menu Layer > Resize layer is moved to the sub menu Transformation

Version 10.6.2 (july 2012)

- 2 bugs fixing on the module Text

Version 10.6.1 (jun 2012)

- Bug fixing on the module Text (right to left reading)
- The Cut / Paste function preserve the position when pasting

Version 10.6.0 (jun 2012)

- New line style option on the tool Line
- Possibility to redim layer Text with the mouse (font size ajusted)
- Antialiasing for OpenType fonts on the module Text
- Export / Import of icon 256 x 256 in 32 bit
- New filter Adjsut > Custom for fast adusting
- New antialaising mode in the menu Layer > Border effect > Optimized (for gif conversion)
- Transform and redim functions works in full RGBA mode (artefact fixing)
- The filters Blur, Blur more and Gaussian blur works in RGBA mode
- Improvement of the filter Brightness (manage separately the RGB channels)
- Improvement of the filter Histogram (manage separately the RGB channels)
- Improvement of the filter Contrast (manage separately the RGB channels)
- Improvement of the filter Saturation (manage separately the RGB channels)
- Improvement of the filter Hue (manage separately the RGB channels)
- Improvement of the filter Gamma correct (manage separately the RGB channels)
- The function Special paste > Paste In works in RGBA mode
- Possibility to rotate and redim image with layer Text
- Bugs fixing on the tool Line
- Bug fixing on the filter Gaussian Blur (radius not doubled)
- Bug fixing on the top toolbar button size
- Bugs fixing

Version 10.5.0 (april 2012)

- Improvement of the Brush tool (more brushes and adding Step option)
- Improvement of the Selection Tool in the tools pallet (new buttons)
- Improvement of the Fill tool (new buttons for the pattern)
- Improvement of the Stamp tool (new buttons for the pattern)
- 1 pixel min radius for the tools Blur, Smudge and Retouch
- New selection mode Inflate (selection centred from the origin point)
- Adding the mode Pause/Scrolling with the Space key when selecting
- The Auto Zoom does not modify the position of image window
- The position and the size of the windows are locked after an arange tile vertical or horizontal
- The selection antialiasing mode are saved in the Ini file
- The buttons Selection/Ratio in the tools pallet create a new selection if needed
- The function Selection/Copy Shape memorizes the position
- The Image explorer module memorizes the last image path
- Bug fixing on the function Indexed color (direct preview)
- Bug fixing on the function Perspective correction (image size preserved)
- Bug fixing on the Layer manager

Version 10.4.1 (september 2011)

- Bug fixing on the filter Deform > Trapezoid
- Possibility to copy/past in numeric edit box (with popup menu only)

Version 10.4.0 (jun 2011)

- Save and restore the position and parameters of all dialog boxes
The key "Caps Lock" force speed mode for displacement (selection and layer)
- Possibility to choose the color in the funcion Insert new background
- Possibility to choose the color in the funcion New blanck layer
- New button Reset for all adjustement filters with dialog box

Version 10.3.3 (marsh 2011)

- The vectorial path is preserved during the session
- New large radius 300 and 400 for the drawing tools (slow)
- Update of the library RAW
- The key SPACE force the displacement mode (in drawing mode only)
- Bug correction when cancelling the save dialog box

Version 10.3.2 (august 2010)

- New option Pattern when drawing contour (menu Edit > Stroke and Fill)
- Improvement of the Twain module
- New option Precise for the clone stamp tool (remove progressive contour)

Version 10.3.1 (may 2010)

- Bug fixing on the Fill tool
- Bug fixing on the Line tool

Version 10.3.0 (april 2010)

- New tool Vectorial Path
- New format *.pfv (PhotoFiltre Vectorial) for the paths
- The filter Gradient works on Alpha channel too (RGBA)
- Possibility to change the round corner value off the Round rect selection (menu Selection)
- The deform tool preserves the aspect ratio by default (Shift key to cancel)
- New option Preserve aspect ratio for the Selection tool
- The selection polygon is closed by right click and not by double-click
- Bug fixing on the artistic filter Black pencil (with selection)
- The drawing with a visible selection is faster (antialias after drawing only)
- Improvement of the antialiasing (polygons and contours)
- New color for the transparency background pattern (better visibility)
- Update of the library RAW to include the last cameras
- Bugs fixing

Version 10.2.1 (january 2010)

- Bug fixing on the Fill tool
- Possibility to disable the skin Vista and Windows 7 in preferences (to use old XP style)
- The antialiasing for display is disabled by default (too slow)
- Alpha blend supported for open and save dialog boxes
- Big icon 256x256 for Vista and Windows 7

Version 10.2.0 (October 2009)

- Possibility to scroll the image with the arrow keys (if no active selection)
- New option Noise in the filter Gradient
- Adding vertical scroll bar on the tools palette for low screen resolution (e-PC)
- Several menus "Filter 8BF" when the number of plugins is too important
- Toolbar buttons are correctely grayed when using classic windows mode
- Bug fixing on the Pipette tool (accept CTRL+C/V/X)
- Bug fixing on the Fill tool (use selection shape)
- Bug fixing on the Line tool (use selection shape)

Version 10.1.0 (Septembre 2009)

- Possibility to change skin colors under Vista and Windows 7
- Possibility to force XP open and save dialog box under Vista and Windows 7
- Improvement of the Eraser tool (can use advanced brushes)
- Improvement of the Retouch tool (new function sharpen + and -)
- Improvement of the Smudge tool (use the RGBA mode)
- Improvement of the Optimized clipping (dynamic window size)
- Improvement of the Text tool (new options Spacing and Interline)
- Improvement of the layer border effect Progressif contour (use a dialog box)
- Max image size increase to 60 000 pixels
- Can open some corrupted PFI files (try to load first layers)
- New filters in the batch module (Sepia, Automatic contrast and levels)
- PhotoPNG include in the batch module
- New global option "Extend layer for drawing"
- New tool "Shell extension" to display PFI and PFS files in Windows explorer
- New function Layer > Transparency > Opacity
- Bugs fixing

Version X / 10.0.0 (Avril 2009)

- Better compatibility with Vista
- Adding precision to 1/100 for the Gamma Correction function
- New function Save in > PngData
- Adding precision to 1/1000 for the selection ratio
- Improvement of the function Transparent gradient / layer menu (8 directions)
- New button in the layer navigator to select a layer
- Better compatibility when opening PNG images
- Adding the option Animate selection (menu Selection)
- New menu group to setting layer order (menu layer)
- Improvement of the functions Perspective correction and Horizon correction
- Bug fixing on internal clipboard
- Adding the option Hue for the layer adjustement type
- Possibility to modify the background opacity in RGBA mode
- By default the images are opened in 16M (GIF with transparency are forced in RGBA)
- Icons in 16M and big size for Vista (48x48)

Version 9.2.2 (October 2008)

- New module PhotoPNG : Advanced PhotoMasque
- Clone stamp tool : The right click makes it possible to test the position
- Free transform : Adding precision to 1/100 for the rotation function
- Display bug fixing

Version 9.2.1 (May 2008)

- New option Auto select layer (menu Preferences)
- New option Display layer number (menu Preferences)

Version 9.2.0 (Avril 2008)

- Improvement of the function Insert new background (Blank or Transparent/RGBA)
- The function Copy merged can use the RGBA mode (transparent background)
- The background layer can be hiden (RGBA mode)
- The function Fill with pattern works with transparent area
- The Fill tool can works with transparent area
- The border effect Blur (menu Layer) can be faded
- The border effect Progressive contour (menu Layer) can be faded
- Improvement of the artistic filter Comics strep (Black pencil option)
- All settings dialog box are closed before running the filter
- Progress bar when running slow filters
- Progress bar when opening/saving PFI, RAW and JPEG image
- The menu Repeat is moved to the menu Edit (more filters memorised)
- Improvement of the function Optimised clipping
- Bug fixing on the function Fade
- Bug fixing on the Text module (filling with transparent patterns)
- Bug fixing on the opening dialog box
- Bug fixing on when saving JPEG (grayscale)

Version 9.1.0 (January 2008)

- Open dialog and save dialog boxes are resizable with Vista
- More easy to move layer text (ignore transparent area)
- Improvement of the filter Sharpen edges (more progressivef)
- Improvement of the artistic filter Rough pastels (adding Reinforce option)
- The border effect Progressive contour (menu Layer) can be faded
- Improvement of the function Optimised clipping
- The function Paste as new image create RGBA images if Alpha channel available
- Improvement of the function Rotate free (precision to 1/100)
- Bug fixing on the extend cursor
- Bug fixing when antialias selection with the options Invert and Progressive contour
- Bug fixing on the Erase tool
- Bug fixing on the function Offset (menu Image)

Version 9.0.0 (May 2007)

- Show EXIF base information for the format Raw (menu File > Image properties)
- Improvement of the filter Gradient (more directions)
- Improvement of the Copyright module (vertical center display)
- New deformation Ellipse
- All transformations (rotation, distort, ...) use a bicubic interpolation
- Improvement of the Deformation brush tool (more precise)
- Deformation tools have a real time preview
- The functions Offset, Replace color, Replace color range, Indexed colors,
  Stroke and fill and Custom filter have a direct preview option
- The Transparent color button is active for layers (contextuel)
- Supports DNG format
- Drawin tools can use true size cursors
- Improvement of the filter Emboss (dialog box)
- Improvement of the Clone stamp tool (clone from other image or layer)
- The texture module can load external texture files
- New Perspective correction module
- New Horizon correction module
- Improvement of the filter Radial blur
- Improvement of the filter Motion blur (dialog box)
- Improvement of the filter Radial masque (dialog box)
- New filter Circular blur
- The drawing tools can draw on transparent area of a layer
- Improvement of the Erase tool (Invert mode for Alpha channel)
- Show active layer bounds
- The functions Progressive contour and Contour 3D auto select the layer
- Possibility to add layers in RGBA mode (transparent background)
- Improvement of the image explorer (scan textures and multiline display)
- Some source code improvment and bugs fixing
- New logo

Version 8.1.1 (March 2007)

- Full review of the filters Stylize, Other and Frame (dialog box and direct preview)
- New raw interface. Supports more raw formats and cameras
- The option View > Antialias is saved in the ini file
- The Custom filter use a 5x5 matrix with offset
- Improvement of the filters Puzzle et Contour 3D

Version 8.1.0 (February 2007)

- Improvement of the the filters Dust & Scratches, Sharp more and Reinforce (dialog box)
- Full review of the artistic filters (with parameters dialog box)
- Improvement of the tool Artistic brush (more filters)
- Better precision in ellipses and rounded rect drawing
- Possibility to chang the background color in the diaporama
- The Texte module load all Windows fonts
- New function [Display > Antialias] to disable smoothing (2-8 x faster without antialias)

Version 8.0.2 (November 2006)

- Bug fixing when saving image as TIFF without compression
- Bug fixing in the buttons (+) (-) of the tool bar (don't undo if selection changed)
- Bug fixing in the advanced paint brush tool

Version 8.0.1 (October 2006)

- Preview for functions Rotate and Skew
- Export as icon 16x16
- Repetitive click in the layers bar (maintain button down for layers scrolling)
- Management of command line parameters :
    "-ini:path+ini file name


Version 8.0.0 (September 2006)

- Histogram (menu Adjust)
- Deform tool
- Artistic paintbrush tool
- Magic eraser function in the tool Retouch
- Full access to the histories list (menu Edit)
- Using compression LZ77 in the format PFI
- Some shortcuts changed ("0" ==> "*", "1" ==> "=")
- Changes in the menu Layer
- The values of the new image function are saved in the ini file
- Bugs fixing

Version 7.4.0 (May 2006)

- Improvement of the Paintbrush tool (3D effect)
- Improvement of the function Image size
  (possibility to link the resolution with the size when the resampling option is disabled)
- Possibility to save TIFF image files with compression (LZW, RLE, FAX, JPEG)
- Load the resolution in the EXIF data for TIFF image files (if available)
- Automatic image rotation based on EXIF orientation (Preferences)
- Possibility to force image in 16 million colors when opening (to activate filters)
- Bug fixing on the option [Preserve date file]

Version 7.3.2 (April 2006)

- Possibility to disable SplashScreen at startup
- New function Diaporama in full screen mode
- Possibility to scan in black and white (Twain)
- Best precision in the module Print
- Possibility to save in JPEG grayscale 8 bits
- Better compatibility when opening tiff files (Revision 6)
- The format EPS is temporarily removed (too many bugs)
- The format PFI includes a layer preview for compatibility with the other applications
- The number of histories per image is doubled
- Bugs fixing

Version 7.3.1 (March 2006)

- Functions Transform free and Distort available in popup menus
- Possibility to choose unit in the grid (pixels, cm, inch)
- Filter "Common images" in open dialog box
- Bugs fixing

Version 7.3.0 (January 2006)

- 12 modes for layer blending (available in the tool Layer manager)
- Improvement of the tools Paintbrush and Spray (more options)
- Improvement of the tool Advanced paintbrush (possibility to load brushes)
- Compression option when saving as Targa
- Possibility to show and edit comments for PFI, JPEG, PNG and GIF images
- The tool Clone stamp with Pattern/Fixed options use the real pattern size
- Read and write resolution value in Exif/Jpeg data
- Bugs fixing

Version 7.2.1 (November 2005)

- Bug fixing in open dialog box (Windows 98 display)
- Bug fixing in data Exif when opening image with PgUp/PgDown
- Bug fixing in the translation

Version 7.2.0 (November 2005)

- Undo/Redo when creating and deleting layers
- Undo/Redo when merging layers
- Undo/Redo when changing layer options
- Drag & drop from image explorer
- Patterns in 32 bits format (filling, drawing, text, PhotoMasque)
- Improvement of the function Image properties (show EXIF, IPTC and comment data)
- Improvement of open and save dialog boxes
- New text mode in the layer bar
- Charmap button in the text function
- Improvement of the animated GIF module

Version 7.1.2 (September 2005)

- Bug fixing when saving GIF with transparency

Version 7.1.1 (September 2005)

- Bug fixing when saving JPEG with EXIF/IPTC

Version 7.1.0 (September 2005)

- Bug fixing in the function Swap RVB
- No automatic crop when merging layers
- Associate the formats PFS and PFI to PhotoFiltre Studio (at startup)
- Improvement of the indexed color mode (check color count before processing)
- Improvement of the Copyright function (alpha-blend otption)
- Bug fixing in the module Automate/batch
- Open animated GIF as layered image
- New interface for filters 8BF (supports Alpha channel)
- Improvement of the module Animated GIF
- Several shadow style for Text layers
- Supports format RAW (in open mode)
- Some changes in the format PFI (native PhotoFiltre Studio)
- New function Filter/Stylise/Contour 3D
- Better management of the data EXIF/IPTC (JPEG/TIFF/NEF)
- In the open dialog box, the type "All image" is now "*.*"

Version 7.0.2 (Jun 2005)

- Bug Correction in alpha blending dialog boxes
- Bug correction in the polygon selection (zoom)

Version 7.0.1 (May 2005)

- Improvement of the animated GIF module (possibility to ignore a layer/frame)
- Improvement of the function Paste inside (center or adjust)
- Bug correction in translation (dialog boxes)

Version 7.0.0 (April 2005)
Complete list of the evolutions compared to PhotoFiltre version 6

- Layer management
- Multi-selection mode (add, subtract) with keys CTRL and ALT
- Automatic insertion of copyright
- Supports the filters Photoshop 8BF
- More GIF options when saving
- More control points in the function Distort
- Export as icon 32x32, 48x48 et 64x64
- Erase tool (transparency and Alpha channel management)
- Possibility to save magic wand selections
- New PhotoFiltre image format (*.pfi)
- Animated GIF module
- New mode RGBA (with Alpha channel)
- New function Selection / Frange
- Check EXIF/JPEG resolution when opening image
- More filters in the batch module
- One-instance ore multi-instance mode at startup (Prefrences/Startup)
- New buttons in the image explorer
- New function Auto Fill and Stroke (Selection tool)
- More buttons in the tool bar
- The adjustment buttons (+) and (-) are cancelled mutually (automatic Undo)
- More advanced brush
- Improvement of the Line tool (double arrow)
- New Retouch tool (red eye correction, gamma correction, ...)
- Possibility to drawing lines with the Brush tool