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PhotoFiltre V6


PhotoFiltre Studio is shareware and is limited to a 30-day trial period. At the end of the 30-day trial
period, if you want to continue using PhotoFiltre Studio you will need to purchase a registration key
from the programs author. If, on the other hand you no longer want to continue using the program
you must remove it from your system immediately.

Compatibility : Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Win XP, Win NT, Win 2000

PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.9.2 (english version with setup / 11 Mb)

PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.9.2 (english version in zip format / 11 Mb)
Does not require installation

Language files

Copy the contents of the zip file into the installation directory of PhotoFiltre Studio. Place them in the
same directory as the pf-studio.exe program.

PhotoFiltre Studio will use the first PLG (language file) it finds in alphabetical order.
Remove the english translation file StudioEN.plg if needed to activate another language.

English / English / Anglais
Updated for the V 10.7+

Nederlands / Dutch / Néerlandais
Translated by Jeroen de Bruijn & Marga de Bruyne & Frans Bronselaer
Updated for the V 10.7+

Finnish / Suomi / Finlandais
Translated by Mika Pirinen

Norwegian / Norsk / Norvégiens
Translated by Geir Håkon Eikland

Updated for the V 10.7+

Estonian / Eesti / Estonien
Translated by Mihkel Tõnnov

Spanish / Español / Espagnol
Translated by Tugui & CeRbErO & Tito

Portuguese / Português / Portugais
Translated by Luis Valente & ADC

Japanese / Japonais
Translated by X-WORKS (font MS UI Gothic)

Taiwan (chinese) / Taiwanais
Translated by Heaven (font ·s²Ó©úÅé,9)

German / Deutsch / Allemand
Translated by Hans Wrobel & Achim Feldmann & Bernd

Italian / Italiano / Italien
Translated by A & M Gianardi & M Sergio & L Snoriguzzi

Updated for the V 10.7+

Danish / Dansk / Danois
Translated by & Jørgen Høgenhav &
Needs update but works with the last version !

Brazillian Portuguese / Português do Brasil / Portugais du Brésil
Translated by João Antonio & Luis Valente & Ifiult & luxther defaul & Amir Antunes Dos Santos
Updated for the V 10.7+

Polish / Polski / Polonais
Translated by Bogdan Ruszczak & Pawe³ Wojty³a & Maciej Bojakowski

Russian / Russkiy / Russe
Translated by Andre Steinmetz & Adept & Alen Khayrullin

Swedish / Svenska / Suédois
Translated by Lars Carlsson & Peter Johansson & Mats Karlsson

Hungarian / Magyar / Hongrois
Translated by Tarjányi Csaba & Tomi Mészáros
Updated for the V 10.7+

Vietnamese / Vietnamiens
Translated by Tat Tuan Phong

Czech / Cesky / Tchèque
Translated by Skoda & Patrik Spano & Lukas Mizoch
Updated for the V 10.7+

Slovak / Slovensky / Slovaque
Translated by Marián Hikaník
& Patrik Spano

Turkish / Türkçe / Turque
Translated by Umut BÝNGÖL & LegendFB GNC

Updated for the V 10.7+

Chinese / Chinese / Chinois
Translated by Ocean Heart

Ukrainian / Ukrainian / Ukrainien
Translated by Bormintal

Byelorussian / Biélorusse
Translated by Arhim

Arabic Tunisian / Arabe Tunisien
Translated by
Eman Ali Fhoula

Slovenian / Slovensko / Slovène
Translated by
Aljaz Banko & Roman Bobnaric

Farsi / Farsi
Translated by
Mona moh
Updated for the V 10.7+

Hebrew / Hebreu
Translated by
Eran Israely & Matan S. Cohen
New !