PhotoFiltre Studio V9

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PhotoFiltre Studio V9

Message par donnieclark »

I've just began using PhotoFiltre Studio V9 and I'm having a problem figuring something out.

When I'm building a design in layers, often I do something that seems to lock the layers. I know there's a right-click option to lock them, however I seem to be doing something else that I can't figure out what.

Is there a way to unlock the layers once they've becom locked?

Anybody have any ideas what causes the layers to lock, other than selecting that option? )Perhaps an accidental double-click outside of the image or something?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: PhotoFiltre Studio V9

Message par Antonio »

Dont' know exactelly what is for you "locked" ? for moving, drawing, ...?

To move a layer (for exampole), you must activate the layer tool in the tool palette. If you activate pencil or select tool, you can not move a layer.