Add executable plugins in PhotoFiltre 11.6(+)

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Add executable plugins in PhotoFiltre 11.6(+)

Message par Antonio »


To compensate for the obvious lack of 64-bit plugins, I improved the functions of PhotoFiltre 11 which allow exchange with external programs. It is now possible to communicate with other 64-bit stand-alone programs, transparently for the user. Once installed, they can be used as a filter on the current image and are available in the menu [Filter > Plug-in].


For the moment, it is possible to have up to 7 plugins of this type but they must respect a few rules:
- support the PNG image format in input and output (exchange format with PhotoFiltre)
- exit automatically once the image has been modified and saved under the same name
- the plugin configuration file must be named "MyPlugin<N>.ini" with N between 1 and 7


:arrow: Add the G'MIC plugin (GREYC's Magic for Image Computing)

1) Download the latest 64-bit stand-alone version for Windows from the official website (choose the 64-bit Qt version carefully)


2) Unzip the archive wherever you want on your PC. In this example I decided to place it directly in the [Plugins_64] folder of PhotoFiltre 11. I also chose to have a constant folder name to simplify in the event of an update, so I renamed it [gmic] quite simply.

3) Copy the "MyPlugin1.ini" file to the [Plugins_64] folder. You can download it here :


If you open it, you see that it is very simple, you just need to update the "ExeFilname" line but this is not necessary if you have correctly placed and renamed G'MIC as indicated above

4) Launch Photofiltre 11 and you should have the new plugin in the menus [? > About plug-in] and [Filter > Plug-in]

:arrow: Add the Viveza 64-bit plugin (Nik Collection)

In this example I assume that you already have it on your PC. In this case, simply create a new ini file that we will name "MyPlugin2.ini" or a name that is not used (always in the [Plugins_64] folder). It is simpler because there are only default values. In my case it is installed in the [Downloads] folder but you must adapt the "ExeFilename" line according to your installation.

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; Configuration file for Viveza 64-bit (stand-alone)
; --------------------------------------------------

ExeFilename=%USERPROFILE%\Downloads\Viveza 2 (64-Bit)\Viveza 2.exe
About=A Nik Collection plugin.
:arrow: You can adapt these 2 examples to other plugins that you use regularly
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Re: Add executable plugins in PhotoFiltre 11.6(+)

Message par kiwichick »

Loving this new feature. Can you please update the G'MIC link to go directly to the download page shown in the screenshot?
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Re: Add executable plugins in PhotoFiltre 11.6(+)

Message par Imagelys »

The Imagelys Picture Styles and Imagelys Picture Lab softwares are now compatible with the new version of PhotoFiltre 11.6(+).
You can download them on this page:
Also download this zip archive which contains the two INI files here:
Unzip this archive and save the two INI files in the [Plugins_64] folder of PhotoFiltre 11.
Edit these two files if necessary.
Launch PhotoFiltre 11.
Imagelys softwares will be available in the [Filter > Plug-in] menu.
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Re: Add executable plugins in PhotoFiltre 11.6(+)

Message par Marisa »

Do any of you know any filters or plugins to create effects on the writings and save them? Like photoshop styles?