Print Dialog Box Default Image Size

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Inscription : 01 juil. 2023 19:33
Version de PhotoFiltre : 6.5.3
Système d'exploitation : Wine in Linux Mint
Processeur : I7 7700
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Print Dialog Box Default Image Size

Message par DougGuy »

I use an old version of PF 6.5.3 which is perfect for what I need. Running in Linux Mint with Wine this ingenious little app has followed me for years and years, wouldn't be without it.

I have an image in the editor window that is 4.00 inches by 5.35 inches. Using Ctrl + P opens the print dialog box and the image is ALWAYS 2.40 wide x 3.36 height. Nothing I have tried will result in the image print dialog displaying the image at 4 x 5.35 inches when it opens for printing.

Once I click on Original Size it will then display the correct 4 x 5.35 inches and will print 4 x 5.35 inches.

The image is a USPS shipping label that I use quite often so the task is repetitive. It's frustrating that it cannot print the same size as the image and defaults to 2.40 x 3.36 with no apparent way to save the image size or get the program to print the actual image size instead of a dafault value that has to be changed every time I print this image.
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Re: Print Dialog Box Default Image Size

Message par Antonio »

all image don't contains correct image size for printing, only size in pixel, and the correct image size is not supported by all image format.
It's for that i don't use it by default
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Inscription : 05 déc. 2023 14:56
Version de PhotoFiltre : 2022
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Re: Print Dialog Box Default Image Size

Message par JiyaHana »

Before opening the print dialog check the image is selected. Use the shortcut for original size or manually set the width to 4.00 inches and height to 5.35 inches and then open the print dialog and it should reflect the desired image size.