dessin crayon + aquarelle - in PF 6.11
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Author:  Guest [ 15 Apr 2005 20:32 ]
Post subject:  dessin crayon + aquarelle - in PF 6.11

First, thanks Cath for the great idea and the tuto
I tested this on the Cath winter photo
I spent two evenings with trials in 6.11 and this is the result:

Copy the image twice
make a negativ from copy 1
make a negativ and gaussian blur 7-9 (as in Cath tuto)
open arithmetic plugin and write this formula:
//i1 is gausian negative, i2 is original, i3 is normal negative
If you did not desaturate it before, the result is colored, so you can do it now, it does not matter
The value for the first image controls the result - good value is somewhere between 55 - 52 depending on your picture

make the crayon as above
corrections gama 0.10 for the result (as in Cath tuto)
apply comix filter on the original (bande desinee)
open arithmetic plugin and write this formula:
or the famous Pascal formula can be used instead: (i1*40+i2*70)/100
//i1 original , i2 crayon
the result is very light, apply gama- several times

I tried it without the "bande desinee" effect and it looked good, too (in fact, I liked it more)

I had problem with the "pink" effect, The only solution I found, was: select white with magic wand, invert selection, apply color

the other efect are the same (photomasque, structure ...), I think

the result of the aquarel formula without "bande desinee" looks like this (before gama correction) : ... uarel1.jpg

the result with "bande desinee" and some effect applied is here
(I was too lazy to apply the mask) ... uarel2.jpg

The result is similar but not the same - I am afraid, I did not use the correct balance in the second formula :roll:

Author:  cath [ 15 Apr 2005 21:55 ]
Post subject: 

Bonjour :wink:

Un grand bravo à toi Sue pour ce tuto aquarelle sur PF6. 8)
J'étais persuadée qu'avec arithmétique on arriverait à obtenir cet effet, mais je ne parviens pas à écrire des formules pour ce plugin... :roll:
pour remplacer le calque coloré de la fin, celui qui donne un ton rosé dans l'exemple, il suffit dappliquer le filtre suivant:

menu filtre==>>couleur ==>> Filtre coloré

voici ce que donne ce filtre avec les mêmes réglages que dans le tuto de PhotoFiltre Studio:


Encore bravo et à bientôt!

Author:  SuE [ 16 Apr 2005 21:50 ]
Post subject: 

bang, bang ...
This is me hitting the keyboard with my head :D
Thank for the tip - filter / colors ...
I completely miised it

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