Batch Processing with REVIVE Colors
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Author:  stormtigers [ 22 Apr 2021 0:06 ]
Post subject:  Batch Processing with REVIVE Colors

Greetings Everyone
I love Photofiltre and have been using it since V6 to create graphical tribute to WW2 troops of Australia.
So much simpler than Photoshop and quite powerful.
However, I made the uneducated mistake of saving my tributes in JPEG format initially.
Mistake because as I found out just recently everytime I edited or amended one the colors started to fade a little due to recompression every time.

I have over 2,000 images that I wish to revive the colors off and have found (as a gneral comment) the revive colors function does a good job.

However to do over 2,000 manually is just not productive.

So my question is IN BATCH MODE
1. can I use the revive colors filter OR
2. can someone suggest another package to do so to the same approximate settings that Photofiltre uses OR
3. can you tell me what setting Photofiltre uses to o "revive colors" i.e saturation etc etc etc

Thank You


Author:  Antonio [ 22 Apr 2021 8:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Batch Processing with REVIVE Colors

the revive color is just a saturation (+). Try with an image to have the best adjust

Author:  stormtigers [ 23 Apr 2021 4:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Batch Processing with REVIVE Colors

Thank you saturation between 10-20% seems to do the trick nicely.


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