Tutorial[english]: Create a star with rounded corners

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Tutorial[english]: Create a star with rounded corners

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This tutorial written in english will guide you about making a star icon with rounded corners. It will also enable you to create rounded corners for almost any image. Example output of a star with rounded corners is shown below:

Please read the full tutorial [url="http://www.w3hobbyist.com/2008/07/photofiltre-creating-a-star-icon-with-rounded-corners/"]here[/url] on my blog. And also please include it in your tutorials listing if its upto your standards.

Thank you
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Re: Tutorial[english]: Create a star with rounded corners

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Thanks for the tuto, it's really clear, and open truly some other ways to round any angular figure. :)
I like the graphic charter of your web site. Fine work.
Very pleased to read you soon.
Bien plus facile avec PhotoFiltre. Cordialement.
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