smart curves for PFS
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Author:  carlo taradel [ 03 Jun 2006 3:17 ]
Post subject:  smart curves for PFS

:) This plugin was created to add a curve tool to PhotoShop Element ,and so it could add a curve tool also to PFS

It's very intuitive has a very good preview, and is free.

Explain what are curves is complicated, but see what happen manipolating curves is quite simple with this tool...just plaay with setting watching the prevew to see a gallery of very different effect (and effects,i mean the curves could be saved and reused)
I post just 2 example but running it you can do much more...
original up down 2 different curves

link for download and more info
Curve histogram and level,where is the difference :?: I really have no idea...
but it works

Author:  carlo taradel [ 05 Jun 2006 1:12 ]
Post subject: 

:( The server is down...if somebody need i suppose i can uoload somewhere

(i had to check ,it seem to me that author allow redistribuition )

Let me know, case i must find a host for it

Author:  claudio-design [ 05 Jun 2006 2:29 ]
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it's a very good plugin =)

Author:  Gracey [ 08 Jun 2006 13:06 ]
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I've used the curves tool in PSCS and would use it consistently over levels. It's the one thing I've truly missed in PFS, so I've downloaded your plugin and will give it a try. Thanks! if somebody could figure out how to make actions work in PFs... :D

Author:  carlo taradel [ 08 Jun 2006 14:44 ]
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:D I like it becouse in a very intuitive way and with a really good preview allow to change the curves and at the same time adjusting the levels,and see also as histogram
And to load and save curves, really handy ...

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