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Author:  Charles [ 12 Apr 2006 20:09 ]
Post subject:  4 point plugin

Does anyone know of a filter/plugin that will allow me to creat a 4 point star effect on a candle, lights or rings if I happen to forget my cross screen filter? I have tried star maker and others in the VM Natural realm but none of them will do a 4 point star effect...7 or 8 points yes but not a good 4 point like a cross screen makes. I tried also sparkle but those are random and you cannot put just one sparkle where you want it.

Does such a plug in exist? I need to put a good 4 point effect in a candle or two or an engagement ring, etc.

Thank you.

Author:  nordiste [ 13 Apr 2006 12:48 ]
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je pense que c'est ce que vous cherchez.
Mi pensas ke vi povos trovi gxin cxi tie.

Author:  Charles [ 13 Apr 2006 13:42 ]
Post subject:  sparkle filter

I already tried that sparkle does not work. There is no way to put just one sparkle where you want it..the places it does put a sparkle, the sparkle is not big is too small..I need to put just one sparkle on a ring or on one candle and make it big like a cross screen filter would.

I followed your link because I can only read english.

Author:  nordiste [ 13 Apr 2006 14:54 ]
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Il suffit peut-être de coller les étoiles sur un fond et de sélectionner celle qu'il faut et ensuite coller à l'aide d'un calque

Author:  la mosca [ 13 Apr 2006 19:40 ]
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peut-être avec le plugin particle?


(évidemment, cette utilisation n'est pas pertinente avec l'image utilisée, c'est juste pour l'exemple)

Author:  Aaron Zapashniy [ 12 Jun 2006 8:31 ]
Post subject:  Hi there!

I'm newbie here and have to introduce myself. My name is Alex, 28 y.o. from Hungary. I have been looking for such kind of forum for a long time and at least I'm here. Hope that I'll become a member of this community and finally get the answers on all my questions, and may be my experience will be useful for all the ppl around. My Geek code GKDGRGBJ68QN.

Author:  Tom [ 12 Jun 2006 8:44 ]
Post subject: 

Welcome Alex,
Are you also searching a 4 points star or have you post there by chance ?

Author:  wthrwthoutyu [ 19 Jul 2006 6:05 ]
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A mask can be used to make a four point star effect.

I use this mask: ... 2/Nova.gif

Make a selection, any size you like, and apply the mask with PhotoMasque to your selection.

Before: ... before.jpg

After, with a four-point star added to the field: ... 5after.jpg

Author:  carlo taradel [ 19 Jul 2006 23:38 ]
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:D Correct :!:
Or you can make a sparkle brush and use it...

or save the seletion of a nice spark load it and fill it with a circolar gradient :wink:

Author:  carlo taradel [ 19 Jul 2006 23:42 ]
Post subject: 

Aaron your site is really...very strange :!: :!: :shock:

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