Question About HTML Split Plug-In
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Author:  Jael [ 19 Dec 2005 23:57 ]
Post subject:  Question About HTML Split Plug-In


This may be a dumb question, :oops: but can an image that has been split using the HTML Split plugin be used as hyperlink in the same manner that a regular image can be (I noticed that it codes it as a table) - and if so, how would this be accomplished?


Author:  Tom [ 20 Dec 2005 1:14 ]
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Hi Jael,
There is no dumb question, but you can try it by yourself. :wink:
Any html page composer is able to intoduce a link behind an image.
In this case, if you wish link a page through all the splits of the image you do put a link behind each of them.
Other way, to use this image as a menu, you can bind each split to a different page.

The code will seem like this :

<td width="267"><a href="url_html_page"><img src="image_mel1s2s.jpg"></td>

You can see this page for an idea of menu :

Author:  Jael [ 20 Dec 2005 2:00 ]
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Thank you, Tom. :)

I'm not using a composer but rather coding manually in an attempt to teach myself HTML. If I am understanding you correctly, I would just need to insert the path ( “a href="index.html" for example) between each "td width=242" and "img src="images\cross1s1s.jpg"></td" - is that correct?

The image will not be used as a menu, so the path will be the same for each split, but thank you for the example. If that was your site, allow me to compliment your artistic talent! I couldn't read a word there - but I'm definitely going back to look at the pictures! :wink:

Author:  Tom [ 20 Dec 2005 2:50 ]
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Yes it's correct Jael,
You have only to add the path. I have tried it. :wink:
No sorry, it's not my site, and i regret strongly. Ricochet, the author, publishes regularly some very fine pictures on this forum.
I was very pleased to read you. Best greetings.

Author:  Jael [ 20 Dec 2005 2:58 ]
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Ok, thank you very much for the help! :)

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