pf-plug.exe ... only ONLINE..??
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Author:  Marga [ 12 Oct 2005 22:07 ]
Post subject:  pf-plug.exe ... only ONLINE..??

Good evening,

Is it so that installing the wonderfull pf-plug.exe you have to be ONLINE?
That is a big problem for many of our people who have a telephone connection for internet. Itr takes a long time.

I am afraid it is so, because the exe is only 118 kb. and moreover I get this window when I pull the clable out:



Author:  Tom [ 12 Oct 2005 23:09 ]
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Hi Marga,

How do you thought it works ?
When you want to download an update on the official site of PhotoFiltre, do you think you are on or offline ?
I don't understand the question, probably.

Author:  Marga [ 13 Oct 2005 6:24 ]
Post subject:  installation pf-plug.exe

Good morning,
I thougt it was the COMPLETE set of plugins that could be installed after the installation of the software. We give lessons over here in PF and in january in PF Studio. We put the software on a cdrom and give it to the people, so they do not need to go online.
As I said before the installation of the plugins is a real problem for many, because they fear to mess around in program Files. So the new way of installing the plugins seemed to be the perfect solution.
But now I noticed that they still have to go online and therefore I wonder if this is not possible in another way.
Not everybody in Holland has a cable connection and all our "pupils" are old and mostly not very experienced in computer-world.
Our (volunteer) organisation would be very happy with downloadable complete set of plugins in an exe-file.
I hope you understand what I mean.. English is not my native language... :lol:

Author:  Tom [ 13 Oct 2005 8:38 ]
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Good morning too, Marga,

This time i have better understood the problematic.
Incidently, your english is very comprehensible, and i have learn a new idiom with "mess around" ; thanks for that. :wink:
I will send a private mail to Heis Spiter if he can do anything for your need.
However, the actual software tool does not need any install for itself : it makes the install or the update of the plugins you choose in the file list.
The first time you run pf-plug.exe, the connection is perhaps a little lengthy, but the following one for the update is very short. This operation does not be done every day, but allows to get quickly the last updates, when be published on the forum.
I think, also, your "pupils" will soon enjoy with cable or ADSL transport at rather low cost with free telephony, and free television.
Have a nice day.

Author:  Fran├žoisL [ 13 Oct 2005 18:28 ]
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The purpose of this EXE is to install all plugins quickly being sure the versions are the latest :wink:
But I also think that if you use this EXE you will install all the plugins quicker than if you installed them one by one, even with slow connections.

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