Selection with -Rule Of Thirds-
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Author:  tfm [ 10 Oct 2005 21:09 ]
Post subject:  Selection with -Rule Of Thirds-


i just made a selection poligon to see drawings for "Rule Of Thirds" when selecting.

Is available one for 4:3 and one for 3:2

Download from

Best regards,

Author:  carlo taradel [ 10 Oct 2005 22:28 ]
Post subject:  seletion with-rule of third

:( i could not understund how it work, and more what is suppose to do.
(what means" Rules of third" in a "selection plugin"?)
Howerever by now isn't doing anything... maybe because there is not a .exe file to execute and no "read me" or .txt files, to explain how to use it (and why, and when,and for wich pourpose ,also this points are not very clear)

After downloaded i supposed to see a new plugin in a plugin bar or in the menu item...but nothing is visible :?:

i browse your webside but i could not find anything related :!:
The only things that is clear is that you think this tool useful for poligonal selection , i suppose that much more information is needed

Author:  tfm [ 10 Oct 2005 23:16 ]
Post subject: 


sorry, i included a readme file in archive.

I was verry excited when i discovered PhotoFiltre program, just 3 hours ago :D, and i was in a hurry to make that selection tool. That's because i just started to write a program to see that kind of selection and crop from an image. Imagine when i see Selections Plugins from this program ... !!!

from ReadMe :

This Plugin/Selection is only intended to crop a image and in the same time to SEE drawing from "Rule Of Thirds".

How to use :

1. Unzip the files in the directory "Selections" of PhotoFiltre
2. Open an Image
3. Click "Selection/Load Shape"
4. browse to find file "4x3__Rule-Of-Thirds.pfs" for 4:3 aspect cropping or "3x2__Rule-Of-Thirds.pfs" for 3:2 aspect cropping
5. (a small grid apears, a selection area)
6. Resize Selection Grit to place your subject onto one of four intersection points or at one of vertical/horizontal line
7. Click on "Selection/Fit ratio/4:3 format" for to adjust resized selection to 4:3 aspect or "Selection/Fit ratio/3:2 format" for to adjust resized selection to 3:2 aspect
8. Crop image
9. ... now you obtained a "more pleasing compostion" ... (Rule Of Third)

See what i mean (Rule Of Third) on web pages : ... hirds.html

...or search on Google for "Rule Of Third"

Predefined selections for PhotoFiltre :

Unzip the files in the directory "Selections" of PhotoFiltre
(You can create sub-directories in the main "Selections" directory)
TFM Group, Romania
( ;

Author:  Tom [ 11 Oct 2005 0:39 ]
Post subject: 

Hi tfm,

I found very usefull these selections and the readme file.

I propose you a french translation for a lisezmoi file :

Ces Add-ons/Sélections ont seulement pour but de recadrer une image,
et, dans le même temps, de VOIR la composition d'après la "Règle des Tiers".

Mode d'emploi :

1. Dézipper les fichiers dans le répertoire "Selections" de PhotoFiltre
2. Ouvrir une image
3. Menu/Sélection/Charger une forme
4. Explorer pour trouver le fichier "4x3__Rule-Of-Thirds.pfs" pour un recadrage 4:3 ou "3x2__Rule-Of-Thirds.pfs" pour un recadrage 3:2
5. (une petite grille apparait, une zone de sélection)
6. Redimensionner le cadre de Sélection pour placer votre sujet sur l'un des quatre points d'intersection ou sur l'une des lignes verticales/horizontales.
7. Menu/Sélection/Adapter le rapport/Format 4:3 pour ajuster la sélection redimensionnée au ratio 4:3 ou Menu/Sélection/Adapter le rapport/Format 3:2 pour ajuster la sélection redimensionnée au ratio 3:2
8. Recadrer l'image
9. ... maintenant vous avez obtenu une "composition plus agréable" ... (selon la Règle de Tiers)

Voir ce que l'on entend par Règle des Tiers sur les pages web : ... hirds.html

...ou rechercher sur Google avec la clé "règle des tiers"

Sélections prédéfinies pour PhotoFiltre :

Dézipper les fichiers dans le répertoire "Selections" de PhotoFiltre
(Vous pouvez créer des sous-répertoires dans le répertoire principal "Selections")
TFM Group, Romania
( ;

I had tried a search on Google with the french keyword (with commas),
it matches fine too.

If you please, i can add a topic with your sources and their author in the french section of the forum.

Author:  tfm [ 11 Oct 2005 0:59 ]
Post subject: 


i just updated rar archive with 2 more files :

4x3_real_RuleOfThirds and 3:2_real_RuleOfThirds

with these two selections, grid is displayed from REAL geometric rule of thirds; each size is divided by 8 and not by 3.

If you are kind to download again and translare the new ReadMe file, i will add Lisemoi file in archive :D

Daniel from TFM Group

Author:  Tom [ 11 Oct 2005 1:10 ]
Post subject: 

Yes, if you can wait to-morrow morning, cause i need to sleep just a little :lol:
It will be surely done.

Author:  tfm [ 11 Oct 2005 1:16 ]
Post subject: 

Ok, "moi aussi"; here is 02:12 in the morning :)

If you please, i can add a topic with your sources and their author in the french section of the forum.

ok, merci beaucoup, my french is poor; 10 years ago was much better, but now i don't have much time to re-read all "Pif et Hercule" or other "Aredit" comics what i have :D

Author:  tfm [ 11 Oct 2005 11:20 ]
Post subject: 


i just created a web page with documentation/images to understand how to work with this plug-in.

see on

Best regards,
Daniel from TFM Group, Romania

Author:  Tom [ 11 Oct 2005 12:05 ]
Post subject: 

Hi Daniel,

Very fine page.

May i suggest you that the step 7 would be redundant if the appropriate selection was choosen at first ?
For my checks i haven't seen any differences in this case.

Perhaps have i missed something ?

Author:  tfm [ 11 Oct 2005 12:47 ]
Post subject: 


page is modifyed, please try now.


Author:  Tom [ 11 Oct 2005 13:35 ]
Post subject: 

Yes it is more coherent, following a move and resize statement, as an additionnal careful step.
All is right for me. :wink:

Author:  carlo taradel [ 11 Oct 2005 14:56 ]
Post subject: 

:D Thank you ,now I see what you mean(rules of third is based on Fibonacci " Golden mean, or golden section)and I think your plugin could be useful...

A advice,maybe little bit out of topic
most of people think that this kind of composition rules are universal;THIS IS NOT TRUE...They works for most of european and american that READ FIRST FROM LEFT TO RIGHT,AND THEN FROM UP TO DOWN
( uncounsciosly they will always read IMAGES in the some way ).

BUT Giaponise, hebrew ,and many ,many other in the world are used to read from right to left ,and they will always read images in the that way,looking first what is on the right,(it's like to see a mirrored image). ..This is the reason why Manga need to be adpted for western readers.

Howerever your seems a useful tool,thank you to make it avaible! :!:

Author:  Tom [ 11 Oct 2005 15:23 ]
Post subject: 

Daniel, the french translation is done since this morning,
but for an unknown reason, my MP didn't be red.
Would you please send me by MP an adress where i can make follow the txt file ?

Author:  tfm [ 11 Oct 2005 16:13 ]
Post subject: 

carlo taradel :
... i don't understand your point; you are right about direction of reading but with Rule of Thirds you obtain a 'simetrical' image. From left to right or right to left, if you place subject on one of four points, is the same. One-Third from left is the same as One-Third from the right :)

(and my favorite manga is Berserk :D)

Tom :
... please repeat, i don't understand ...
(my email adress is : "bede AT tfm DOT ro")


Author:  carlo taradel [ 12 Oct 2005 15:04 ]
Post subject: 

ol: My was not a remark about your plugin,since the rules of third deal mainly with the center of the image,that is the same in any way you look.

It was more a general point,and was about overtrusting composition rules .

Many of them are about how to deal with the upper left of the image(the first to be seen,the first impression) and the buttom right (the last input) ....And,obviosly, they didn't work for all the people used to read in a different way...I found this rules very useful to play and experiment with,but trickly if followed blindy.

But again ,i agree with you :the rules of third is maybe the most universal, since the center will be always the same

And you did a lot of good work from your first message, explaining why and how use Rules of Third,and to adding a lot of useful documentation. :!:
thank you

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