Keeping clouds (sky's) in there glory?
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Author:  Paulnl [ 09 Oct 2005 22:54 ]
Post subject:  Keeping clouds (sky's) in there glory?

Experimenting with my digital camera (hp635) there are two things I find most important to adjust,that is the lensdistortion (in the netherlands we call that 'barrel-like' distortion) and the lightening-up of pictures without losing my nice clouds.

The distortion can be corrected with the plug-in 'fisheye-correction'.I was very pleased to find this option.Did not look at it carefully yet to see how it really affects the picturequality but it looks promessing!!

For the other issue I can only find something in Gimp but then you have to brush your clouds darker and that is rather impossible to do.

Does anyone kwow if there is an option in photofiltre that can divide a picture in two parts,below a certain line to make it lighter and above it to keep it as dark as it is. :?:
(would like to show picture from my disk but don't know how.... )
If not then I would like to suggest to make such a plug-in.


Ps. I am curious whether or not the link to my pictures is working,they illustrate the 2 issues.
The site is trustworthy,'hp' has something to do with it.

Author:  Fran├žoisL [ 10 Oct 2005 23:27 ]
Post subject: 

You can select the top of the image and apply the effect you want... This doesn't answer your question ? (when your selection is done, go to Selection/Antialiasing/Progressive contour)

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