Request at Ben to improve the SCREEN CAPTURE plugin
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Author:  Stefan [ 31 Jul 2005 12:14 ]
Post subject:  Request at Ben to improve the SCREEN CAPTURE plugin

Under that circumstances
that the emal address (plugins photo filtre at yahoo . fr)
is not reachable
i will post my acquisition request here:


i didn't speack french, and my english isn't well too.

I hope to arrive Benjamin FOURNIER
the author of the Photofiltre Plugin "Cature"

His/your Capture tool works very well for me,
many thanks for this great work, man.

I had an suggestion / feature request:

I need the support to capture
serial shots by pressing an short cut key.

for example:

- i do my settings in Capture plugin
- i will choose the save folder
- i will choose name and add-on for the filename
(like Shot_###, where ### should representing an counter
and 'Shot_' is the name i will give all new pictures)

- i will select the file format like *.jpg or *.bmp
- i press [start]
- and with an shortcut key i will shot my captures
- till i press ESC-Key or what else to stop this session.

Is this possible to implement
if you have the time please?

mercie beaucoup

Author:  Stefan [ 21 Aug 2005 14:32 ]
Post subject:  Where is Benjamin ?

Is "Benjamin FOURNIER" somewhere reachable ?

Author:  Heis Spiter [ 21 Aug 2005 18:35 ]
Post subject: 

I don't know... We have no news from him since a few months.

Author:  Stefan [ 21 Aug 2005 21:56 ]
Post subject: 

Ahhh, thanks. So i didn't have to wait longer :D

Author:  Stefan [ 10 Oct 2005 14:43 ]
Post subject: 

I may be blind ?
There is already an switch to capture multible shots! Sorry.


Author:  FrançoisL [ 10 Oct 2005 22:29 ]
Post subject: 

Very great "self-resolution" :lol:

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