Problem with Kodak SHO plugin (8BF)
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Author:  PeterC [ 18 Mar 2007 8:55 ]
Post subject:  Problem with Kodak SHO plugin (8BF)

I can't use Kodak's SHO Pro v2.0 plug-in with PhotoFiltre Studio 8.1.1 although the ROC and GEM plug-ins are fine. Images modified with Kodak SHO look OK when previewed but I get a black image if I save the effect. Any suggestions? This aside, PhotoFiltre is a nice program.

Author:  Tom [ 18 Mar 2007 10:30 ]
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Hi PeterC

In the Preferences 8BF panel, you can switch between 2 modes.
Did you try the both ways ?
Some 8BF filters don't work with PFS, but very few.
Have you a link to download the plugin for test ?

Author:  PeterC [ 18 Mar 2007 12:33 ]
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Thanks Tom. Yes I've tried both 8BF modes without success. It's frustrating because the SHO plug-in is very useful for correcting under-exposure. It works well in Photoshop Elements 5. Here's the link to the Kodak site:

Author:  Tom [ 18 Mar 2007 15:42 ]
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I have just tried it with succes, but only in RGBA mode. And when turned on the right mode, you have to run again PFS. :wink:
When choosing your download file, you may watch to choose the right Operating system.

But i can offer you to avoid a purchase for $99.95, with PFS you can get exactly the same result :
I can insure that i process all my under-exposed pictures by this way.
If needed, two or three layers can so be duplicated.
More : you can apply a gradient on the layer in screen blending mode if you have only a part of the picture to highlight.
Like in the plugin, you can also apply : menu Filter/Color/Revive colors, on the background or layer, and then menu Edit/Fade to adjust finely.
The histogram tool gives also some very good results.
Try the tutorial of Bill, you will be very amazed. :)

Author:  jimclatfelter [ 27 Mar 2007 0:59 ]
Post subject:  Paint Engine

I have tried to use Fantastic Machine's Paint engine 8bf plugin, but I get only black in RGB or RGBA. It's a free plugin at

Can anyone make it work with PFS?


Author:  Antonio [ 28 Mar 2007 9:41 ]
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I don't know this plugin...Perhaps this plugin don't use RGB colors model but LAB or HSL ?

Author:  jimclatfelter [ 28 Mar 2007 21:56 ]
Post subject:  Paint Engine

It works in most editors I have tried, including PSE, PSP, IrfanView, Image Analyzer, Serif Photo Plus, and Photo Brush.

I thought I might be doing something wrong that it doesn't work with PhotoFiltre. It's a very nice and versatile filter. It has may artistic effects. It would be good to have it working in PFS.

Author:  Antonio [ 28 Mar 2007 22:20 ]
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I tested and have a black image :cry:

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