I made a subreddit for Photofiltre.
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Author:  TinyAlien [ 07 Apr 2019 19:06 ]
Post subject:  I made a subreddit for Photofiltre.

Hello all. I just wanted to say I created a subreddit for Photofiltre on Reddit. I hope anyone interested can join and add meaningful discussions, questions, tips etc...

It still is a work in progress and I hope people will get some value from it. I created this beacuse I felt that we as English speakers should have our own place to discuss and I feel the current system is simply not catered for us. I have tried to be helpful on this forum but it seems that its was not worth it for me at all. Also the fact that the developer of Photofiltre is considering closing the forum is also very worrying. At the moment there is nothing in the subreddit. You will of course need a Reddit account to create new posts on the subreddit, although simply viewing posts like on this site doesn't require a Reddit account.

If I broke some rule please forgive me. I love Photofiltre and want more people to discover the use this great tool.


Author:  Antonio [ 03 May 2019 13:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: I made a subreddit for Photofiltre.

this forum is now not very active, i think you will not find lot of people :oops:

Author:  TinyAlien [ 05 May 2019 16:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: I made a subreddit for Photofiltre.

You're right its not very active at all. Sorry if I broke any rules. Photofiltre is still very usable and I want more people to learn about it.

Viva la Photofiltre!!

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